Information about our leadership, policies and team minutes.

We hope the people and information below will help you know more about the leadership, oversight and work of our church family. Brightons has a Kirk Session (comprising all Elders) and a Deacons' Court (comprising all Elders and Deacons), with Teams under each and sub-teams within these too.
The minutes give a breakdown of this info and who is part of each.

This page contains information about:

Office Bearers & Contacts | Safeguarding Coordinator | Policies | Meeting Minutes

Office Bearers & Contacts

Whilst many more people could be listed, if you are looking to contact/find another person in the church family then the following individuals can help you make the connection. Contact emails are in the PDF download below or go to the Contact Us page to send a direct email.

In addition to the individuals listed above, our Trustees also include further Elders and Deacons. The Elders are: Jean Callahan, Robert Callahan, Jim Dick, George Mann, Alistair McDonald, Carolyn McEwan, Tom Nimmo, Billy Rankine, Willie Tomlinson, Jessie Wallace and Keith Wansbrough. The Deacons are: Graham Bell, Maggy Dick, Karen Fulton, Heather O'Neill and Robert Wilson.

Safeguarding Co-ordinator


Eileen Hope is our Safeguarding Coordinator and if you have a concern about the welfare of any child or vulnerable adult in our church family and organisations, then please contact Eileen directly on her dedicated email address, found in the Contacts PDF.
Eileen's phone number is available on posters within the church building.

Our Policies

To support and safeguard our life together as a congregation we have a number of policies in place.
Click on each for more info.

To download a summary of the policies, with some examples, click below.

Meeting Minutes

Click on the relevant team for a copy of the latest meeting minute.