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Coronavirus: Tuesday 24th March letter from Scott, our minister

Dear all,

We find ourselves amidst another change with the “lockdown” of UK society now in place. As with last week, we thought you might value an update on various matters. All this information is also available on our Facebook page and will be emailed to those for whom we have details. Please do pass on to others verbally where there is a need.

Firstly, Sunday morning services along with Tuesday Evening Sermon and Thursday Evening Live Prayer will be going ahead. There will, by necessity, be tweaks but we hope to have a complete service available if possible and streamed “live” on a Sunday morning from 10.50am. Do join us! Instructions are available on the front of the church website.

At this time, we are not able to distribute CD recordings or paper copies of the news sheet PDF, nor are we continuing with distribution of the Parish Easter Card. The lockdown forbids such activity. As such, keeping in regular phone contact with one another is crucial in these times. If you are able to view the service/sermon online, please do share the message with those who do not have online access. After the lockdown we will resume CD delivery.

Also, the Easter Fun Day activity packs will not be available for collection until after the lockdown and we will keep you posted when we are able to distribute them. In the meantime, keep checking the Facebook group “Families and Online Worship” for ideas for worship and sometimes some other resources for using at home during these times. Please feel free to share ideas on there too for families to do.

Our pastoral care system is still in place, so anyone needing help and unable to gain it from existing networks/family should phone the church office on 01324 713855. Any messages left will be picked up within 24 hours, if not sooner, and a reply coordinated by Ian Baillie, our pastoral assistant, who himself has to self-isolate for 12 weeks now.

Anyone able and willing to help with deliveries of urgent aid should let us know via email, phone call or via the online form. We have guidance on this so as to maintain high standards of hygiene and keep within the new lockdown guidelines. The online form is here:

Some people are asking about collection issues, otherwise we would not mention this. The Finance Team are working on logistics for this, which are limited during the lockdown, but will seek to implement a system for after it is lifted. Of prime importance will be helping people start or amend Standing Orders as without Free Will Offering envelopes we could be £10,000 – £15,000 lower in income during the next 12 weeks. We should manage to keep our cashflow in good order, but if you are able to amend your Standing Order to reflect anything you might give via Open Plate or Free Will Offering then this would be welcomed.

It has been such a joy, amidst these hard times, to see how this church family has pulled together, gone the extra mile and sought to maintain and extend community and the Good News of Jesus. I count it a real privilege to be your minister and continue to pray for us all.

Your brother in Christ,



Brightons Parish Church

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