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Preached on: Sunday 26th June 2022
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Bible references: Matthew
Location: Brightons Parish Church

In a moment we’ll hear our Bible reading for today and today we begin a new teaching series that will see us through the summer months. In our last series in Nehemiah we ended just last week with the idea of trusting in Jesus, trusting in Him as the one who builds His church and He’s called us to play our part in that. But what does trusting Jesus look like day to day? What does it look like in our morals, in our choices? What does it mean to follow in the way of Jesus, to be one who trusts in Him?

And so, we’re turning to The Sermon on the Mount – it’s found in Matthew chapters five to seven – and it will be our portion of text over the summer weeks. Today we begin with The Beatitudes and that’s going to be read for us this morning by Maralyn.