Jargon Buster

Some terms or abbreviations used in the minutes may be new to you.  To help, here’s an explanation of what they mean.  If you have any further questions, please see Scott or Judith, or the convener of the relevant team.

121 Church of Scotland Head Office (@ 121 George Street, Edinburgh)
ASN Additional Support Needs
Beadle Assists the Minister during services, funerals and weddings
CAP Christians Against Poverty
Constitution Opening of the meeting with a  Bible reading and prayer by the Moderator
Deacon Serves on Deacons’ Court
Deacons’ Court Comprised of the Minister, Elders and Deacons who have responsibility for the physical aspects of our congregational life
Elder Serves on Kirk Session and Deacons’ Court
GBV Gender Based Violence
Giving to Grow Contribution system used for each church to give to the Church of Scotland, paying for our Minister and supporting wider Church
Huddle A 1-year discipleship course to develop the faith of our church family
Kirk Session Comprised of the Minister and Elders who have responsibility for the spiritual aspects of our congregational life
M and M Ministries and Mission contribution system.  Replaced by 'Giving to Grow’ scheme from 2023.
Minute A record of what was discussed and agreed at a meeting.
Mission Plan Statement of how the Upper Braes churches will be shaped to achieve our part in God’s mission in this area
Moderator Kirk Session meetings are normally chaired by the Minister of the congregation, designated as "Moderator".
PVG Protection of Vulnerable Groups
Presbytery An administrative body (court) representing all the local congregations of an area in the Church of Scotland.  Brightons belongs to Forth Valley and Clydesdale Presbytery.
Presbytery Elder Elder of our congregation who represents us at Presbytery meetings
Safar Discipleship program where materials are worked through in pairs
Sederunt Attendance at Kirk Session and Deacons’ Court meetings
SU Scripture Union
SWOT (analysis) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
WPS Wallacestone Primary School