On a Sunday morning, we have five different groups for children and young people:

  • Crèche is available for children aged 3 and under, with the service live-streamed to the room
  • Beginners for 3-5 year olds up to the end of Primary 1
  • Juniors for children in P2-P4
  • Triple-S for children in P5-P7
  • FLAIM for young people in S1-S3

We also have a group for young people in S4-S6 to join with young adults (up to end of uni/college). They meet fortnightly at the minister's home.

Most groups have their own dedicated and closed Facebook group for parents/carers. Contact us to find out more and get connected.

Each Sunday when these groups are running (not during school holidays), we welcome children to come a little before 11am and join with their leaders in the halls - so, please come in the side entrance. The children and leaders will then come through for the start of the service and stay for the first part, during which we have songs (shakers and ribbons available for young children) and an all-age slot (either a short talk or prayer for example). We have a space at the front of the sanctuary with cushions, which can be especially good for children under 6 years.

For visitors, parents are welcome to attend the groups if that would aid children settling in. Parents with young children are also welcome to stay in the service if preferred. Do let us know if you plan to visit, we'd love to look out for you and give you a warm welcome to help you and your family settle in well.


Twice a year we also have all-age Communion, when children and young people are welcome to share in the Lord's Supper. We did teaching on this in August-September 2022 and made a range of resources, which are all available via these links:

The teaching on Covenants and Sacraments can also be found via these links:

Below you will find the video from our first all-age Communion, which we'll seek to update in due course. Nevertheless, it contains a helpful visual overview of what to expect and explains the opportunity to receive a prayer of blessing, if your children are not going to be taking the bread and juice. Check out the video for more info:

All Age Communion Video Overview

As a quick summary, here are some useful things to note:

  • When you arrive, please come into the sanctuary and sit together with your children, rather than go to the Sunday School halls. This will help your children know where they need to return to, later in the service.
  • We'd encourage you to sit near the front and downstairs, if possible, to help children see and feel involved.
  • Children and young people will leave after the second hymn, and return during the hymn after the sermon, to sit beside their families.
  • Scott will guide us through things, to help children understand what is happening and when to take the bread, juice, etc. We seek to make this accessible to children whilst also retaining the meaningfulness of Communion.
  • We don’t expect absolute silence either, so please don’t let this be a worry for you.
  • The bead is gluten-free.
  • For those in the creche room, a server will bring bread and juice through for anyone wishing to share in the sacrament in that room, but children of all ages are welcome to come back in – we just know that sometimes it can be tricky.

Please reach out to Scott, your Pastoral Grouping Leader or Sunday School leader if you have any questions. We look forward to sharing in the sacrament of Communion with you all and welcoming our children to the Lord's Table.