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Preached on: Sunday 18th April 2021
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Bible references: Joshua 2:1-19
Location: Brightons Parish Church

Before we come to our message this morning let’s come to God in prayer let us pray

father God we come to you now and we ask that indeed these words of scripture might indeed encourage and lead us in our lives as we continue through this time just as you led the Israelites through and eventually into the promised land we know that you will encourage and lead us to that place too within the meantime encourage us by this message and let your spirit indeed fill all our lives as indeed we look as to what more we can and should be doing as we journey through our lives with you in Jesus name we ask amen

in the previous chapter that we had um last week from Scott God had promised Joshua and the Israelites the land and he said that in verse 1 3 that everywhere you set their foot they would have victory so now in this next chapter Joshua gets busy he secretly sends a couple of people to spy out the land especially this great city of Jericho you may remember that Joshua had gone as part of a part of um a spy mission earlier when indeed 12 spies were sent out to go into the promised land to come and report back 10 of those spies came back reporting about the fears they had of entering that land but Joshua and indeed Caleb too both returned full of praise and full of hope to enter the promised land knowing that God would go with them during that time my bible doesn’t say anything about God telling Joshua to send more spies in and indeed didn’t God just promise in the chapter before to give Joshua the whole land then why did he see the need to send in the spies does that display a lack of trust on josh’s part a sort of taking matters into his own hands kind of thing why didn’t he just trust God rest on the promises and march across the river Jordan and claim that land

the questions become even more relevant if we sneak a peek ahead into chapters five and six where we have the story of the fall of Jericho remember how the city falls into the hands of the Israelites they take the city simply by marching around it for seven days and then God miraculously tears down the walls at a shout yeah simply a shout of the Israelite army God had a plan for the fall of Jericho he knew how it was going to happen so why bother with this whole spy thing they obviously weren’t going to need detailed reconnaissance on the military readiness of the people of Jericho why send spies if God was going to do a miracle even worse isn’t it this whole spy thing contrary to the very nature of what it means to trust God isn’t it an example of Joshua acting on his own strengths rather than in Gods

to answer those questions this morning we need to know what the response of God was to josh’s actions was Joshua rebuked punished for not believing chastised for not simply trusting no not at all in fact and this is fascinating God says nothing in this chapter this morning he has lots to say in chapter one and much more to say in three four five and six in all those places we read and the lord said to Joshua but here it just says Joshua secretly sent two spies obviously God was not upset at Joshua or there definitely would have been consequences as we’ll see when we get into chapter 7. in fact there’s a wonderful result to this spy story and that’s the meeting of rehab and having her become a celebrated woman of faith seeing all her family saved and indeed through that family and through that lineage it came right down indeed to the father to the lineage of Jesus Christ himself

so obviously God blessed josh’s actions and God worked through those actions even though God had a different plan for taking the city

here’s the lesson i see for you and i this morning

sometimes it’s okay for us to get busy and do the things that make the most sense I’ve known people who wanted to walk with God they wanted obedient to God they wanted God to take to be in control and so they would even pray about very minor things and attempt to discern God’s will for which pair of socks to put on that morning i believe that God gave us the ability to make decisions and we often take that and run with it and we try to make all the decisions ourselves without involving God in our daily lives and that so often is what goes wrong

but it’s also wrong to never make decisions that leads to disobedience for example if God tells us to go in one direction and then we sit around waiting for him to tell us whether to walk or run or take the bus obviously wearing our mask and end up staying in the same place we disobeyed God’s call to go sometimes all he tells us is to go and he leaves the method of travel up to us to decide

here’s what i want to say trusting God means that we wait on him for guidance and direction and leadership it also means that we get going in the direction that he points us in

let me give you an example most times when i sit down at my computer to work on a sermon i pray i ask God to speak to me to show me what he wants to reveal to me and to us through his word sometimes i sit there and pray waiting for all those great revelations to come flooding into my mind but most of the time that doesn’t happen maybe some of you agree with me on that most of the time the ideas and the revelations start to flow as a right in fact I’m a bit concerned this morning about the writing and the time because I’ve tried to move a bit with technology I’ve got my paper copy here but I’m using the tablet but the sermon is actually 35 pages long on a tablet a lot more than the usual 10. so you see trusting in God does mean waiting for his direction and then starting to head in that direction with trust and that’s what we see here this morning in the second chapter of Joshua even though God had a different plan for taking Jericho Joshua was not wrong in sending the spies it wasn’t an indication of a lack of trust or a lack of faith it was the right thing to do God surprised them with a different ending but God also honored Joshua for doing the smart thing by sending in the spies he was getting a handle on what was happening in Jericho right at that time

sometimes in life we get stuck we get in a wrap we feel like we’re spinning our wheels we’re discouraged and down and going nowhere maybe that’s how you’re feeling about life today that you are kind of stuck i suppose for a while we all have been stuck at home and we look forward perhaps to getting out and about a wee bit more and traveling that bit further distance but if you’re stuck in a rat in any other way because you don’t know where to go or you’re stuck because you do know where to go but you’re waiting for something else to happen before you’re going to head that direction if you don’t know where to go then you need to pray and seek God’s guidance wait a little while and let go and listen to him

and on the other hand if you’re stuck but you do know which way you should be headed get going get moving make the necessary decisions stop waiting for each piece of the puzzle to fall into place before taking those early steps just get moving and God will lead the Israelites as we know had been stuck at this place before 40 years earlier they knew which way to go under Moses but got scared and retreated and this time around they still know which way to go and by the way it’s still the same direction if they go but this time they get a little extra encouragement from the report of the spies

the lord has surely given the whole land into our hands all the people are melting in fear because of us says verse 24. that was just the added bit of confidence that they needed and maybe that is the added bit of encouragement that you need today God has it under control he knows the hardness he knows the pitfalls he knows the obstacles and he’s bigger than all of them

you will find sufficient on that journey you will find him abundantly able to meet the needs as you go along the road this is the big message trusting in God in God waiting on him getting direction and then using our minds and our gifts and as long as we head out in that direction in his strength and not on our own as long as we continue to trust him along the way and even make those mid-course corrections we can be confident with trusting him and walking in his power and not our own there’s one other point i want to get out of this passage this morning and that is that God goes ahead of us Joshua does the smart thing sends the spies in they go to the house of a prostitute most likely because it was a place where the foreigners wouldn’t arise a lot of suspicion and whether we’d be able to get a handle on what the people were thinking and what they find there is miraculous somehow word gets out to the king and he sends in his henchmen so much for those secret undercover agents but here is where the story gets interesting because rehab that very prostitute hides them she lies for them she sends the king’s men off on a wild goose chase and protects them and gives them the information they need provides an escape route and what happens in return she and all her family have their life spared and rehab takes a very prominent place in the history of Israel and in Christianity because of our faith

here is what this tells me God goes ahead of me and not only does he go ahead of me preparing the way he prepares the hearts of people he reveals his fame he reveals his glory and he goes ahead of each one of us

those spies found God at work in the most unlikely place in the faith of Rahab and applying this to sharing our own faith we often look at the prospect of having to share our faith with some trepidation like we’re making a further foreign into enemy territory we don’t want to cross the lines and share our faith in the unknown perhaps with those who live beside us in the street work beside us or even our relatives or close friends we head into those situations feeling like it is our God job to take God to people to take it to those who don’t know him and there is this big dark land and we have the light and we must take it into this very dangerous place but this spy story this morning reminds us God is already ahead of us we aren’t going in carrying him along with us he’s beginning to make a start and his spirit is possibly working and prodding and pursuing in these lives that we are going to meet sharing our faith isn’t only about bringing people to salvation that’s the final step in the process and of course it’s a final step and a person’s growth to faith but there are lots of steps lots of steps to go lots of things to do words deeds expression and love lots more to do when we can meet with those people that perhaps are coming to God through this time lots more when we can share with them here in this place of fellowship God’s ahead of us but look out for those opportunities look out for those people that you can speak to and you can share God goes ahead he prepares away and he has all sorts of things prepared for us he writes to the Ephesians in chapter 2 10 he says for we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do the way is prepared Joshua is sure he has God with him and yet he sends some men before him he didn’t quite trust the situation but then things sorted himself out

where has God been or is going to call you to go what’s he been telling you that you need to be obedient about if you’re feeling stuck if you’re uncertain about which direction to head or how to get started be encouraged that God goes with you and God goes ahead of you he’s prepared the road he knows where our journey is going and he knows what we need the promise of God is that he has prepared for us a great kingdom which he desires us to experience here in this life as well as in the next it’s a kingdom of joy and freedom and of power God invites you and me to experience this kingdom through his holy spirit and i encourage each of us to take some steps to do the things that make sense and pursue a more fulfilling experience in God’s kingdom in our lives so that we can continue to see God’s kingdom come to those others around us that will also share and benefit in that