Thursday Evening Live Prayer Instructions

Join us as we gather for live prayer online on a Thursday evening at 8.15pm! Watch via our YouTube channel where Scott and others will take your prayer requests and pray for them live.

Let us know ideas for prayer requests either in the Facebook event discussion (ahead of time), via email, or in the Live Chat on Thursday night within our live-streamed video on YouTube.

Another option is to join our Zoom meeting, where you can say a prayer out loud and others on the live stream will also hear it! Email to get the Zoom login details.

(1) Should you be watching on YouTube whilst you call the Zoom meeting, please MUTE YouTube as otherwise we might get feedback and/or you might get distracted by the time delay or by your voice.
(2) Please do SPEAK UP when you pray, so that you are clearly heard by everyone else.
(3) Please make sure your mobile is not on “speaker phone” setting for the Zoom meeting, as it might also generate feedback.
(4) Once you are finished your prayer, you can end your call or stay on the line to hear the other prayers and/or pray again, but please MUTE your microphone.

We are also happy to take pre-recorded prayers – simply email the file to Scott ahead of time.