Vacancy Update – 23rd February 2018 – Election Of Nominating Committee

We are making progress working through the Vacancy Process and are very happy to say that the Parish Profile has been prepared, and the text agreed by the Kirk Session. This has been a significant piece of work in summarising clearly the life and work of our congregation here at Brightons and the vision for the way ahead shared by the Office Bearers and Kirk Session. Also included in the Parish Profile is the practical information regarding church finances and property and the local area, which will be of interest and use to prospective applicants. It will be published soon.

The next key step is to elect the Nominating Committee, whose task it will be to advertise the vacancy, to prayerfully assess applications, to go and listen to prospective candidates and, eventually, come to a decision on one person to preach as sole nominee for our next Minister.

The following points will, hopefully, help us all to understand this process a bit better:

  • The Nominating Committee has to have an odd number of members, up to a maximum of 13. In previous vacancies, given the size of our congregation, the committee has always had 13 members.
  • The members of the Nominating Committee have to be shown, either as members or adherents, on the Electoral Register which was drawn up and agreed in November 2017.
  • The Nominating Committee should be representative of the congregation as a whole, so should include men and women, older and younger members or adherents as well as a mix of those who have been long-standing members and those who are newer. No more than one member from any household should be elected to the Nominating Committee.
  • A formal meeting to elect the Committee will be held on Sunday 4th March 2018 after morning worship (Communion). The Interim Moderator, Rev Dr J Mary Henderson will preside over this meeting.
  • Those wishing to stand for election to serve on the Committee will have to be nominated and seconded at this meeting and also have indicated their willingness to serve.
  • If more than 13 names are proposed and seconded, there will be a written secret ballot held to choose those who will serve on the Committee. Only those present at the meeting will be entitled to vote.

If you wish to find out more then please feel free contact me on 01324 711072 or

The relevant Church of Scotland Act can be found at Sections 15-17

We look forward to your attendance at this meeting and participation in the election of the Nominating Committee.