If you are seeking to have your child baptised at Brightons you should contact Scott Burton, our minister or one of the elders. Baptism is for the children of believing parents and one or other should be a member of Brightons Church. We also have services where adults are baptised. This usually happens when an adult coming into membership for the first time realises that he or she was not baptised as a child.

Infant Baptism

In a Service of Baptism, parents who regularly attend the local Church and where at least one of the parents is a Member, bring their children to be baptised in water. They will be asked to make promises declaring their faith in Jesus Christ, promising to attend church, pray, and read the Bible regularly. They will also be asked to commit themselves to their local Church by regularly attending and by bringing their children weekly to the Sunday School. Baptism is all about bringing the child into the family and context of your local church and divorced from real participation in the life of the church family it loses its purpose and meaning.

Infant baptism places responsibilities upon you as parents, and not the children. Although a child may not understand the sacrament of baptism, and may not necessarily have come into a personal relationship with Jesus, it is important that one of the parents at least be a member of the church, as they are asked to make promises to God on the child’s behalf.

Parents are asked to make vows, professing their faith in Christ, and promising to make careful provision for their child’s spiritual development through Christian teaching and instruction. We can begin our child’s spiritual development by being a Christian influence in our home. At Brightons we offer a variety of Children’s ministries (Sunday School, Senior Sunday School, Pre 5s Group, Girls’ and Boys’ Brigades) to help support parents in Christian instruction.

As a child is admitted into the local church family, the congregation are invited to make promises to God, promising to love and care for the child, and to give support to the parents.

Adult Baptism

When you are baptised you make profession of what Jesus has done for you (forgiveness of sins, cleansing), and what he continues to do in your life (changing you to be more like Jesus).

In baptism you will take a vow of allegiance, declaring your heart’s desire to serve and obey Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.